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An award-winning kids program coaching the game of golf, physically literacy and athletics for the sport.
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Providing youth with the opportunity to learn & develop golf skills from the pros!

Our vision is to provide the best possible coaching, personal care, latest technology and most advanced training and instruction systems on the market. Our team approach creates a feeling of belonging, inclusion and pride in our junior athletes. As a team, we support and develop together to build better golfers and more importantly better people. The LABsters brand is recognized internationally as a leader in junior golf development.


Our programs involve our key principles to maximize each player's potential, all while learning in a fun and encouraging environment.
Movement is medicine our golfers become great healthy movers for life.
Play is the language of learning. Games based skills development is the foundation of the program
Respect the game. Respect the course. Respect each other and Respect for ourselves
No such thing as failure only chances to grow and learn. How could you do it differently next time? Growth mindset rather than fixed.
Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximize the long tail. Keeping your eye on the ball.
Concepts over positions to develop technique. Golf swings are like people in that they take unique shapes. There are commonalities that help us succeed and we explore those.


A well-rounded program helping players of all ages, abilities and goals.

The LABsters program runs 10 months of the year, allowing children aged 4–13 to explore the fundamentals of movement and the sport of golf in a fun and dynamic way. There are four programs to choose from, depending on a child’s age and skill level. Each program is designed to keep the kids moving and learning in a safe, supportive environment.

Our coaches aim to instill a life-long love and appreciation of the game of golf in each one of their students. They build even the youngest players’ confidence through fitness training and skill development, including full swing, putting and chipping.

Parents: This is a great introduction to golf and athletic development at a great price! No matter what sport your kids play, our LABsters program will help improve the way they move, compete and help build personal confidence.

This program is fast-paced and full of fun. A perfect mix of golf instruction and sport movement training at every session. This program will help develop athletic skills that your Jr. can transfer into all their recreational sports. Hockey, martial arts, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis and any other rotational sports.

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The LABsters Junior Golf Program introduces the game of golf to thousands of kids throughout the Lower Mainland.  Programs include development and creativity during weekly and private lessons, camps, and events all geared towards teaching youth to love the game of golf!

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