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What to expect the day of

Where do we go?

When at Langley Golf Centre 21550 44 ave, Langley:

Golfers can wait by the concession stand and coaches will find you at the start of class.

What do we need to bring?

Dress for comfortable outdoor activity.  Runner are preferred for footwear.  Bring a water bottle with your name on it.  Clubs are not needed but if you have your own please bring them.

How big are the group classes? How many kids in each?

For LABsters we put a limit of 6 golfers per group.  This allows for a fun social experience but still enough attention to build their skills.

For Langley Junior Development Program classes can vary from 4 golfers to 3 golfers. Smaller groups allow the coaches to work on diving deeper into each golfer’s individual swings.

Schedule info

What if my lesson falls on a holiday?

We run all LABsters programs on Stat Holidays unless otherwise posted

What if there are 5 weeks in a month?

Every month the junior golf program runs for 4 weeks. If the month has 5 weeks in that month, there will be no session on the 5th week. Exact dates are posted on our schedule page.

Do classes still happen in the rain?

Yes we are west coast kids and the rain wont melt us.  We will only cancel a class if the weather is unsafe for travel to the course (heavy snowfall for example).

How long is each class?

The classes run for one hour.  They are separated into two stations of thirty minutes each.  Fundamental movement skills (warm-up) and short game skills.  Full Swing skills.  Make sure you arrive a few minutes early so you don’t miss out on any fun!

General Info

What clubs should we be using?

By far the best choice is US Kids Clubs.  They make the process so easy for getting the right fit.  Kids should always outgrow rather than grow into their clubs.  With a new set built for golfers every 3′ of growth, there is a set right for all ages. Sets can be ordered and usually show up the next day.  If you are unsure if your current clubs are a good fit get Coach Tyler or Coach Max to take a look.

What is the next step after my kids fall in love with LABsters?

For youth who have graduated out of the LAbsters program, the next steps are simple!

Check out our Langley Junior Development Program. Click the drop-down menu “junior programs”.

Most of all get out and play on the course.  We hold events where kids can come out in larger groups.  But playing is for sure the most important next step.  This will bring all the lessons together and will present challenges for your young golfers to work through.  If they need help then booking private sessions is a great idea, as well.

Do we need prior experience to join LABsters?

Absolutely not!  LABsters is a fun beginner/intermediate level program to help you start your journey into the game.  Some golfers stick with us for years because they love the environment but typically once kids start playing they move on from class and get out to play more and take a few lessons privately when they get stuck with their games.

Looking for classes for your older golfer or for someone looking to step up their game, check out our Langley Junior Development Program. Find more info under junior programs.

What happens if I miss a class?

This year 2021 classes have been almost all fully sold out each month. Unfortunately, it has been a very hard year to offer make-ups. We will always do our best to offer makeup options when space is available. This can only be done if there is room in different class times for your child’s age group.  We can not go over 6 kids per group.  During the spring and summer classes get very full so this can be challenging. If you know you are going to miss a class or two ahead of time we would recommend waiting until the next month to sign up. As we will not pro-rate classes.

What makes this program great?

With coaches that get in and PLAY with the athletes, we are able to build strong bonds that last a lifetime.  Moving laughing and taking on new challenges is such a rewarding experience for the kids and coaches.  The skills learned during class go far beyond the course.  Hard work, honesty, problem-solving, social skills, self-confidence and respect to name a few.  Embracing a healthy lifestyle at a young age is so important for the future of us all.  Besides what better setting than a beautiful golf course to practise these values?

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