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LABsters aims to deliver an enjoyable and excellent learn to play experience with quality teaching.


LABsters is a junior program devoted to introducing children to the game of golf and encouraging their development of golf, physical and life skills to the child's desired level of play. The LABsters program is designed to introduce kids to the game of golf through play and create a pathway for kids to further explore their skills.

Below you will find our “LABsters Ladder” with a description of each level. All levels have age categories to keep kids in an appropriate social learning environment. Each level is designed to teach kids at a skill level that best applies to them. Our system is built around Golf Canada’s Long-Term Player Development guide, designed to develop players that can compete at the highest level through golf.

Within our program, juniors will have the opportunity to “level up” through our pin system. If a junior expresses interest in moving up the LABsters ladder, they must pass a specific skills test to earn their pin for the next level. Extracurricular programs such as Junior Playing Nights, clinics and camps will be offered throughout the year if a junior is wanting to further their golf skills or compete against their peers. More information on each level can be seen below.


This stage is the foundation and backbone on which LABsters first started. Originally run by Junior golf savant Chris Lutes, the LABsters program was created to introduce kids to the game of golf. The program was then passed on to Director of Instruction Tyler Roope who has since furthered the development of LABsters with the help of Discover Golf Games founder Richard Franklin. Through the play of games and physical literacy activities, kids will learn movement fundamentals, motor skills and applied golf skills. This is an important period for acquiring fundamental movement skills which will lay the foundation for more advanced movement patterns. Children will be provided with the opportunity to develop a variety of fundamental movement skills such as travelling skills, object control skills and balance movements. The CORE of this level is to create experiences and environments that compel children to explore and assert their agency over their immediate surroundings, all while feeling connected to a dynamic and accessible community of PLAY, which is priority number one.

Kids will also be introduced to playing the game by being given opportunities to come out and play on specified junior nights.

Active Start Classes (Level 1)

Dates/Times: Classes run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Golfers will register for a specific month, day and time in RAMP. Our full Schedule is under the Schedule Tab. To register go to our Join LABsters Tab and log into RAMP.

Ages: 4-5, 6-7, 8-10 and 11-12.

Golfers: Max 6 per class.

Price: $139/month plus GST. Register in RAMP for each month that you would like to attend.

We offer LABsters classes for February - November. No classes in December and January.


For the next stage, coaches will continue to reinforce basic and golf fundamental movement skills and build those skills into introductory competitive experiences. This level is for kids who are interested in the game and want to develop their golf skills further and play more golf. Children will be taught more golf-specific skills while also reinforcing fundamental movement skills. Opportunities to compete against their peers will be presented. Coaches will help players develop strategies to maintain and nurture confidence, similar to maintenance practice for other aspects of their game. Juniors will refine and hone their specific mental skill strategies including pre and post-shot routine, focusing/refocusing strategies and calming/arousal regulation. Relative newcomers to golf can gain skill and confidence through practice.

Intro to Competition Classes (Level 2)

Dates/Times: Class options are Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday. Golfers will register for a specific day and time in RAMP. Our full Schedule is under the "Schedule" Tab in our Menu. To register go to our Menu and click "Join LABsters" and then click "Register Now".

Ages: 8-10, and 11-14

Golfers: Max 4 per class

Price: Registration options (2 packages)

10-month package (Feb-Nov)
-4 group classes per month
-1 private lesson
-LABsters Bag Tag
-10% off Summer Camps
-10% off LABsters Merch

Total package $219/month plus GST 10 monthly payments (Total $2,190 plus GST).

3-month package (Feb-Apr, May-July or Aug-Oct)
-4 group sessions per month
-LABsters Bag Tag
-10% off Summer Camps

Total package $239/month plus GST 3 monthly payments (Total cost $717.00 plus GST).

We offer LABsters classes for February - November. No classes in December and January.


This program is designed to establish and implement the individual's technical, tactical and supporting ancillary skills that will meet future competitive expectations. This stage is for kids expressing interest in playing local and provincial golf tournaments such as the MJT, CJGA and BCGA. At the Learn to Compete stage of development, participants begin to be referred to as ATHLETES. Golf Canada states “This is an important period for establishing a determined and resilient mindset able to withstand the successes and failures associated with competitive golf.” This is also when junior athletes can measure their skills against their peers in the program and adapt accordingly through more detailed annual planning of practice. The focus for our coaches is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of all the individual’s golf skills and have a plan developed for each individual on how they will attack it. LABsters junior tournaments will be put on for this category to ensure students are always in a state of competitive play.

Golfers are EXPECTED to attend practice sessions and to practice on their own time at this level. This is a TWICE-A-WEEK program. Golfers must have and bring their own clubs at this stage.

Learn to Compete Classes (Level 3)

Dates/Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Golfers will register for specific days and times in RAMP. Our full Schedule is under the Schedule Tab. To register go to our Join LABsters Tab and log into RAMP.

Ages: 10-18

Golfers: Max 3 per class

Price: Registration option

10-month Package (Feb-Nov)
-8 group classes per month (TWICE A WEEK PROGRAM)
-1 private lesson
-LABsters Bag Tag
-10% off LABsters Merch
-10% off Summer Camps

Total package $450/month plus GST 10 monthly payments (Total cost $4,500 plus GST).

We offer LABsters classes for February - November. No classes in December and January.


An opportunity for our Intro to Competition and Learn to Compete students to hone their skills. These monitored practice sessions, by our coaches, are to help encourage and teach our students how to practice, meet their other fellow LABsters peers and help build our LABsters community.

Dates/Times: TBD

All ages

Max 14 kids

Registration includes:
-Large basket of balls
-Access to training aids
-Monitored practice from Coaches
-$20/per hour plus GST

Registration details to come...Registration for 2024 is not currently open.


Train to Compete is for LABsters who are serious about pursuing the game of golf to its highest levels. The athlete will have private, Individualized lesson plans created with a LABsters Coach. Athletes will be able to participate in a variety of LABster programs offered.

Contact your Coach for more info

*All quotations, descriptions and structure used from the Golf Canada Long-Term Player Development Guide*

What you need to know

Check our Schedules Page for days and times for all programs.
We run all programs on STAT Holidays, this includes Summer Camps as well.
Please dress for sports activities. Golf shoes are not needed. Always dress for the weather as we are outdoors and run rain or shine.

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