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Registration is now open for 2021 Summer Camps. Go to the Schedule tab on our menu for all the details.

On Course Playing Camp learning for our experienced golfers
Players should be ready to play a full 9 holes of golf at this level. Getting on the golf course and playing individual and team games to learn while playing is such a fun way to experience the next level of the game. Our On Course Playing Camps are designed to get kids out on the golf course to actually experience the game of golf. 75% of kids in our junior program never actually play the game of golf because they do not get the opportunity to do so. These camps give the kids that opportunity.

As for instruction, the kids will be tought proper etiquette, rules of the game and shot selection on the golf course. We are teaching kids basic golf knowledge such as order of play, where to tee the ball up, marking a golf ball, fixing pitch marks, etc. A lot of these kids are seeing a golf course for the first time. We will also help kids pick proper club selection based on yardage and shot selection around the greens to better their scores.
Regular Summer Camps games based learning for our less experienced golfers
Junior golfers with minimal golf experience will experience games-based learning similar to our LAbster monthly program but in a more condensed experience.

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Our camps run every spring and summer and have set schedules at all of our facilities.
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The LABsters Junior Golf Program introduces the game of golf to thousands of kids throughout the Lower Mainland.  Programs include development and creativity during weekly and private lessons, camps, and events all geared towards teaching youth to love the game of golf!

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